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In the Studio

Students work with an array of materials to enhance their learning experience. Students will learn how to…

  • Accessorize everything from tabletops to bookcases.
  • Coordinate fabrics and colors.
  • Create design and color boards.
  • Work on real client projects and case studies.
  • Arrange furniture on paper.
  • Work with tools of the trade.
  • View power point presentations filled with beautiful photographs.

...and so much more!

That’s not all. Once you’ve returned home, many programs will require you to continue your studies and complete additional projects for review. These critiques are an additional benefit of training with the Academy.

Comments From Our Graduates

"I'm Nancy's husband. We spent last night looking at your Training Program manual and talking about all she has learned and the wonderful time she spent with you. I own a business and know that some companies offer classes which, quite frankly, are to benefit the teacher's income, not the student. Before Nancy and I agreed she would attend your class I did quite a bit of research on the web trying to insure it would be money well spent. Typical husband I guess. Without a doubt, your class was the best investment we have ever made. ...Thank you for the great skills you taught Nancy and the critical information in your manual on how to run her business. You saved her years of trial and error."

Studio"When I researched certification training for this profession, I didn't care where I had to go, I wanted the most qualified instructor, the most in-depth program , and the most practical information I could get regarding starting my Interior Redesign/Staging/Interior Decorating business. I found it, in my home state of New Hampshire at Beautiful Living Interiors.” “I can not recommend Kim as an instructor and mentor more highly."

Dear Kimberly, "We appreciate all your hard work in preparing this workshop for us. Your "remarkable" patience & poise during this learning process speaks to your professionalism and gives us pause...! You've truly delivered.” “In highest regards, from your loyal followers and future esteemed colleagues - we salute you!

"Just a quick note to say 'thank you' for the 1. wonderful 2. fun 3. exhausting 4. insightful redesign training last week! Lots to absorb, but it was a great learning experience and I enjoyed everything you shared. Thank you for the training and sharing so much information with us. Your lifetime of "learning and doing" really helped us. You certainly gave us your all and I am grateful."

Studio"Kim - you did a great job with the workshop. I feel really confident about jumping into a business of my own. I've been practicing here in the laboratory (my home)... I've redesigned three rooms in ways I never considered before. It's great!"

“Kim, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience and a good start to my journey into the wonderful world of decorating. Your instruction was great. I have already started my business and I see it going places I never dreamed.” “Thank you again!”

"I was impressed with the wealth of information given the students - it was if she gave us keys to a door previously locked! Kimberly is an excellent teacher in that she has an easy style while modeling a very professional approach to Interior Design. I highly recommend this workshop for those who want a LOT of value added!"